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  • Eggesford Pony Club is part of The Pony Club – an international organisation for boys and girls interested in horses and ponies, riding and horsemanship.
  • We have available top quality riding instructors to teach and encourage the children in the various equestrian disciplines. This is done through regular classes, rallies in the school holidays and our much loved Summer Camp.
  • With the help of Pony Club Tests our members are constantly improving their riding ability along with their knowledge of horse and pony care.
  • Although our aim is to help youngsters improve their riding and knowledge, we also want them to have fun and make lots of new friends.
  • We are also here to support the parents. If you are new to the world of ponies – our team of experienced volunteers will be very happy to give you advice.  In return we may ask you for a bit of help at one of our events!!
  • Last but by no means least is the 3rd Party Public Liability Insurance cover provided for members up to 3 million pounds.
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Here are the results for the Eggesford Triathlon February 2018. Please click here to download.

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Tuesday 3rd April 2018 - XC Clinic at Pontispool with Andrew
Lovell. Please can you let Debbie Handley know as soon as possibe if you can attend.

Friday 6th April 2018 - Rally at Lower Bransgrove Farm, Wembworthy EX18 7RQ with Andrew Lovell. Open to all. Please can you let Debbie Handley know as soon as possible of you can attend.

Tuesday 10th April 2018 - Easter Egg Hunt at Heale Farm, Ashreigney, Chulmleigh, Devon EX18 7PJ. Please can you let Debbie Handley know if you would like to attend.
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Eggesford Pony Club Please see our website for the results of the February 2018 Triathlon. Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to those who helped!

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Eggesford Pony Club Eggesford Pony Club shared their event.30.01.2018 at 12:07 pmLike

SATURDAY 17th February 2018 START 9.30AM PROMPT

At Tall Trees Arena, Davidstow

Class 1 BD Intro A

Class 2 BD Intro C

Class 3 BD Prelim 4

Class 4 BD Prelim 13

Class 5 Dengie - Novice Preliminary – The Pony Club Novice Dressage Test 2009

Class 6 BD Novice 34

Class 7 Dengie Intermediate Preliminary Round - Pony Club Intermediate Dressage Test 2013

Class 8 Dengie-Open Preliminary Round – The Pony Club Open Dressage Test 2015

Postal entries only, no entries will be accepted without cheques or after the closing date!
Entries to: Debbie Handley, Heale Farm, Ashreigney, Chulmleigh, Devon, EX18 7PJ.
Tel: 01769 520305. Email: r.s.handley@btinternet.com

Entry fees: Class 1 to 8 = £15.00 per class
Cheques made payable to “Eggesford Hunt Pony Club”

Rosettes to 6th place in all classes Tests available from the Pony Club website

Entries close: Monday 12th February

Times: Thursday 15th February between 7 – 9pm
Tel: 01769 520305
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped with the running of this event
Please clear up around your Lorries and trailers.


1. This competition will be run in accordance with the current Pony Club Dressage Rule Book 2018
2. It is the responsibility of competitors to make themselves familiar with these rules.
3. In the interest of safety we may limit the number of horses in the warm up arena at any given time.
4. Every precaution has been taken to ensure the health, safety and welfare of those attending this competition. For these measures to be effective everyone must do as directed by the stewards and ensure that their own actions will not endanger anyone else.
5. The organisers will not be held responsible for loss, damage or injury to people, property or animals.
6. First 4 to qualify in class 5, 7 and 8.
7. Qualifiers from the Preliminary round must do 2nd round at their own Area Championship.
8. If rider/horse has already qualified in another Preliminary round the place may pass down the line.
9. The organisers’ decision is final.
10. Objections need to be made within 10 minutes of the completion of class with a £20 deposit.
11. The tests may be called in ALL classes

Open to individual Pony Club Members, but excluding any combination of horse/pony and rider that have represented their Branch at Open Area qualifiers for The Pony Club Dressage Championships or any Rider who has competed at The Pony Club Open Dressage Championships. (This does not include any other classes held in conjunction with Area Qualifiers.
Riders must not have more than 10 BD (or DI) points or competed at BD (or DI) Elementary level or above.
Centre Members are invited to compete in this competition.
Horses may be graded British Novice or below.

Intermediate Dengie Eligibility
Open to all Pony Club Branch and Centre Members that fulfil the following criteria:
Combination of rider and pony/horse are not eligible: 1. If they have represented a Branch or Centre at Open Area Qualifiers for The Pony Club Summer Dressage Championships 2. If they have competed at the Summer or Winter Open Championships 3. If they have won BD (or DI) points at Elementary level or above, or competed at Medium level. Horses must not have won points at BD (or DI) Elementary level or above in the previous calendar year.

Open to all Members of the Pony Club, including Associates. Centre Members are invited to compete in this competition.
Horses which have more than 10 points at Advanced Medium level or above during the current year are not eligible. This included Hors Concours entries.
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Eggesford Pony Club This is an SOS we need help at the Tri this coming Saturday, we have a huge number of entries and we need people to steward the run from 1pm to approx. 4pm and also
help with lane walking the swimming from 4pm to approx. 7pm. If you can do one of these it would be of great help.

Please PM us if you can help!
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