Mounted games results -

After regular mounted games training! Every one doing a very good job on the day we managed to come 11th!

What is Mounted Games
  • Fun
  • Fast
  • Fabulous

If you like Gymkhana Games and love to have lots of fun then you and your pony will love Pony Club Mounted Games where you and your team will get to play lots of fun and original games with the odd pony club twist.

Can I do it?

Anyone who is under the age of 15 and able to ride on their own can join in the fun. Mounted Games are organized into two teams:

  • Junior Team: Not 11 years old by 1st January
  • Senior Team: Not 15 years old by 1st January
  • Open Team: Over 15 no upper age

For more information about joining the team – contact Neil Potts:

We will be holding training sessions throughout the forth coming months, and everyone is welcome to come and have a go, because you don’t know if you will like it until you try it! If anyone is interested please see Neil Or Verity Potts or call them on: . We are all very friendly and this will be great fun for you and your pony, or even great fun for you and your old pony if you want to do something different together. The area event takes place in May so there is plenty of time to practise and develop the skills needed to participate in the event.

This year the Don’t Get In A Paddy Shield for The Most Improved Games Rider went to Sophie Dunn. This Was Sophie’s first season ans she managed to train a young pony who had never done games, attend games camp, compete in her first competition and was a great help at competitions where she wasn’t competing and even managed to get her Vault! So a huge Well Done To Sophie.