What is Tetrathlon?

Pony Club Tetrathlon provides Members with a challenging competition requiring sound practical horsemanship and general athletic ability. It includes running, swimming, shooting and riding.



In Tetrathlon, runners go off at one minute intervals over a carefully measured course and each competitor’s time is measured. A bogey time is set for the course and for each second over or under that time a number of points are deducted from or added to 1,000 points.


  • Boys Open- 2000m
  • Boys Intermediate- 1500m
  • Girls Open and Intermediate- 1500m
  • Juniors- 1500m
  • Minimus- 1000m


Competitors will score points according to how far they have swum in a certain time
Open Boys- 4 minutes
Open Girls- 3 minutes
All Intermediate and Junior Competitors- 3 minutes
Minimus- 2 minutes


This phase uses any make of single shot 4.5mm calibre air pistol and Pony Club Targets.


The riding phase usually takes place over fixed cross country fences however Arena jumping can be used as a substitute. Where possible Tetrathlon Courses always include a gate to open and close mounted, and a slip rail at which the competitor dismounts, takes down the rail, leads his pony or horse through, replaces the rail and remounts.

Maximum Heights

  • Open- 1.10m
  • Intermediate- 1.00m
  • Junior- 91cms
  • Minimus- 76cms
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